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More Scenes From Our 2005 Show

Miniature Sawmill




This one fifth scale 01 Frick sawmill is being operated by Ray "Tubby" Fisher of Aston, PA.






Tractor Games




Alvin Hastings of Seaford, DE is shown in the blindfold tractor game with his Allis Chalmers tractor. Justin Phelps is driving him with the reins.


Alvin Hastings


You very seldom see an Allis Chalmers man like Alvin wearing a John Deere scarf. Maybe it was just as well that he was blindfolded.





Lawn Tractor



We had tractors of all sizes. This lawn tractor was one of the many, many lawn tractors on display. It is a 1970 Huffy and owned by Mike O'Heare of Lebanon, PA. Photo courtesy of Jay Phillips of Pittsville, MD.






Lawn Tractor Games





There were also Lawn Tractor Games. This  vintage Cub Cadet is competing in the obstacle course. Photo courtesy of Jay Phillips of Pittsville, MD.



Unrestored Lawn Tractor





Not all tractors had to be restored. Here Jay Phillips of Pittsville, MD  is shown on his unrestored Richard Petty blue 1971 Rugg Continental. Photo courtesy of Jay Phillips.





Band Organ



Will Markey of Dallastown, PA is shown with his beautifully restored band organ and  animated "Moxie Girl" which was used as  an attention-getter for the Moxie soft drinks.







Farmall F-20



This 1937 Farmall F-20 was restored and owned by Alan Kenton of Preston, MD.





Smokey Joe




Smokey Joe was kept busy with rides for children of all ages. The 16 inch gauge train was built in 1961 by the Crown Metal Company.







Train robberies returned this year thanks to these outlaws who volunteered to come out and put on these skits to promote the "Tuckahoe Outlaw Days" which is held in September each year at the Tuckahoe State Park.





We also had some not-so-common modes of transportation including this Segway Human Transporter. Owned by Will Markey, Mike O'Hear is shown taking it out for a spin. He said it took a few tries, but he soon got the hang of it.



Rescue Team




The Rescue Team provided gospel music on Sunday evening.







All of the spectators and workers had to be fed. Here Les Wright is shown tending to the cooker full of French fries while his daughter and son-in-law, Melinda and Neil Lambert cook crab cakes.







Jimmy Dunn is shown waiting on customers while his uncle is frying hamburgers.



Chance Table




Chloe and Dave Kalb are manning the Chance stand. These are among the ways our organization raises money to keep operating. We offer free admission and our only means of fund-raising is by sales such as the kitchen and chances.







An engineer's view down the belt of the Frick traction engine belted to a thresher.







Among the displays were these steam whistles belonging to Ervin King of Dover, DE. They were originally from one of the Frick Company buildings in Waynesboro, PA.


We hope you have enjoyed these scenes from our 2005 show. If you have any pictures you'd like to share, please let us know. Our mailing and e-mail addresses are below. There were many, many more exhibits. If we had pictures of everything it would bog down everyone's computers to where they couldn't open anything. We really appreciate the many people who exhibited, helped and attended our show this year. It was surprising how many people attended with the heat we had. It just goes to show  how dedicated people really are.



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