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Scenes From Our 2000 Show
Eastern Shore Threshermen's 2000 show was held on August 4, 5, 6.
Here are a few scenes of the many, many exhibits and demonstrations featured.

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Bryant Young and son operate the Layton Family's
8 1/2 x 10 Frick traction engine. This engine serial no. 30519 was the last traction engine built by the Frick Company
of Waynesboro, Pennsylvania. This engine is one of several Frick engines in operation during our show.





Jamie Hall's  1915  8x10 Frick traction engine,
serial no. 17590. This engine was completely restored
by Jamie and friends. The four year restoration
project included 53 new castings and
loads and loads of hard work.
Photo courtesy of Vera Rieck.





The original engine that started the show is still on display by the Layton Family. It is a Frick 8 1/2 x 10 built in 1920,
serial no. 14648. Here the engine is getting up steam in the early morning light. You can see the largest gathering of Frick steam engines at our show than any other show in Maryland.
Photo courtesy of Vera Rieck.





Not all Fricks are steam.
This 1919 Frick gasoline tractor is the
oldest gasoline tractor on display at our show.
This model A 12-25 tractor was purchased new by
Joe Brown's father and Joe still exhibits
it every year at our show. This is the only show it attends and was exhibited many years by Joe's father before his death.
Photo courtesy of Vera Rieck.





A few of the antique gas tractors  lined up at the show.
Antique tractors come in all colors and makes.





More antique gas tractors.
A parade is held each day of the show
featuring all movable equipment.




Antique tractors were used for more than just the farm.
This Allis Chalmers road grader is one example.
It is owned by John Argo of Ellendale, DE.
Photo courtesy of Vera Rieck.







Some tractors were not tractors at all. These Ford Model A Jitterbugs were homemade tractors that were designed to work in the fields by day and go to town when Saturday night came. This pair from the 1930s belong to Richard Clayville.



This rare Rumely OilPull 35 hp Type M  power unit
is another example of power in action.
Here it is belted to a Lane shingle mill at the show.
Organization president Mickey Stant is at the controls.
The OilPull was built to "run all on grades of fuel"
and cooled with oil, some reports burning crude oil
right out of the well in their OilPulls.




Antique cars and trucks are also on display.
An antique car parade is held on Saturday afternoon
as well as the regular daily parades. This 1934 Ford Pickup belongs to Joe and Donna Glime.




Not all displays have to be completely restored.
We welcome tractors and equipment in all stages of restoration. These tractors consisting of a 1949 LA Case, Farmall Regular and a 1936 McCormick-Deering 10-20, owned by
the Layton Family await their turn for a new paint job.
Photo courtesy of  CB Pepper.


Stationary GasEngines



Our show features many, many stationary gasoline engines in operation like these exhibited by the Tarr Family. The engines  come in all makes and models.

Smokey Joe Steam Train



Kids of all ages love to ride Smokey Joe our miniature
steam train. Built in 1961 by Crown Metal Works,
this 16" gauge train is a replica of the
Civil War locomotive "The General".



Kauffman Display


Not all engines are in the field. This display of model engines, thresher, baler and paintings are displayed by the children of John S. Kauffman who striped steam engines for many people who restored them in the 1950s and 1960s. We also have a good display of live steam models in operation.


Flailing Demonstration


Threshing is one of our demonstrations each year. On Saturday afternoon we demonstrate the "Evolution of Threshing, from the Flail to the Modern Combine". Here Fred Miller and Mickey Stant demonstrate the lost art of flailing - separating grain from the chaff with  nothing but a stick.


Wooden Thresher


Methods of threshing demonstrated include threshing with this 1880 Ellis Keystone Champion thresher made of wood.
It is powered by Jim Frampton's 1931 McCormick-Deering 10-20 tractor. Threshing, using a groundhog thresher is also demonstrated.


JD Thresher



Jerry Warrington's A John Deere is belted to Mickey Stant's John Deere thresher of mid-1940s vintage.  Threshing is also done with steam power daily.




Flea Market


Our large flea market is also a
big crowd pleaser. You can usually
find anything you could possibly want
among the more than 125 dealers.



We hope you have enjoyed this view of some of the displays at our show. We feature plenty of
good food, modern rest rooms, camping space, Sunday morning church services and a daily parade.
Free country music shows Friday and Saturday evening and gospel music Sunday evening are also featured.
Our show dates for 2002 will be August 2, 3, 4. We hope to see you there!

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